Melbourne Protest: one year since the raids!

Melbourne Australia, Protest one year since the raids.
Meet at the New Zealand Settler Consulate 2N3 at 350 Collins Street

The colonial world is a world cut in two. The dividing line, the frontiers are shown by barracks and police stations. In the colonies it is the policeman and the soldier who are the official, instituted go-betweens, the spokesmen of the settler and his rule of oppression.... (Fanon)

Protest against racist media

Angry and outraged at the continual Maori-bashing in the pages of the Dominion Post? Come down to the protest on 15 September - the trial starts immediately after the demo.

Palmerston North: Project Dissent against State Terror

WHERE: Palmerston North Courthouse (main street)
WHEN: Fri 29th August 6pm

Palmerston North will be meeting outside the Court House (Main St across from Downtown) on Friday nite 29th at 6pm in support of the
Global Day of Action against State Terror.

Melbourne: Rally in Federation Square

Solidarity in the Kulin Nations

FED SQUARE, 2pm, Melbourne

Global Day of Action Saturday 30th August 2008

We demand the unconditional freedom of the people who are facing charges as a result of the state terror raids on 15 October 2007.

Attempts by the Police to lay charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act (TSA) failed but people are still facing politically motivated charges under the Arms Act. These charges are the result of a racist operation.

Auckland: Solidarity Demo outside Court

Solidarity Demo outside Court – 1st September 9.15 – 10.30am

Cnr Kingston & Albert St

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